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We only specialise in cleaning. It's our focus and our passion.

We've used the past decade to build both our own in-house specialist cleaning teams and to develop relationships with independent cleaning contractors, that enables us to meet even the most demanding of cleaning challenges.


Event cleaning: From single room conferences to large-scale public gatherings, we provide cleaning before, during and after a range of events, ensuring that the venue is kept in prime condition at every step of the process.

Pub & restaurant cleaning: With pubs and restaurants regularly subjected to health and safety inspections, we ensure that yours will exceed the cleanliness standards demanded of such businesses.

Sports & leisure cleaning: We keep sports and leisure facilities such as gymnasiums in excellent condition and ensure that they are hygienic so that all visitors to your gym or leisure centre can have a pleasant experience.


Our cleaning team are ready to serve you, whether it is a one off job during maintenance shutdowns or breakdowns, or on a regular basis as part of your company’s maintenance and cleaning program. We maintain an excellent track record on completing our jobs within deadlines, which is a must for shutdowns and production cleaning when the downtime has to be limited. Our management team plans all tasks in accordance to our Method Statements and Risk Assessments. 


  • Agricultural Cleaning Contractors

  • Cattle and Poultry mucking out

  • Poultry house pressure washing

  • Poultry house equipment cleaning

  • All other farm cleaning undertaken

  • Washing out pig farms

  • Farm disinfecting available to swab testing standard

  • Abattoir cleaning 

  • Poultry disinfecting Viroshield/ Virkon S

  • Cattle disinfecting Virkon LSP

Builders cleaning

We provide after builders cleaning services for:

  • Residential property developers

  • Commercial property developers

  • Decorators

  • Refurbishes

  • Home fitters

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Restoration projects

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